Message Secretary and Controller

Dear Student,

Becomes a member of the Diamond Institute, I welcome you and wish you a golden future. I am proud that you meet with us and for your mission I will always look forward.

Well as others within your training will ignite desires to become an engineer, but often unavoidable circumstances, and lack of good institutions that many students would not be fulfilled.

Diamond Institute purposes especially to cater to the students and their education is only open to solve basic problems.

Diamond Institute has its regional survey found that students of cities areas are more conscious as compared of our rural areas and are always associated with new technology to stay full confident which is basic purpose of education . Our institute for the children of rural areas provides an environment the overall development in which students actively learn new living experience and followers receive.

Your Future golden scene in your hand, before you had a chance and I hope you do not skip this opportunity.

Wish you a bright future.

Secretary and Controller

Anil Thakur